Knowing how to use herbs empowers owners to enhance their equines health and well-being.
We seek to assist our customers’ by providing them with quality herbs and our specialised blends,
along with herbal knowledge so their equine friends can thrive.



Both Hemp and Flax contain an abundance of healthy essential fatty acids that are required for your horses health. Vitamins, Minerals, and Omega fatty acids assist in positive nutrition to greatly enhance the condition of horses.


Featured Products

  • Amazing products

    Hi Denise, I have finally got around to write a testimonial for your amazing products! As you are aware, I contacted you for your Equivital product and since using it I have cut down on all the processed feeds to just one product. They look amazing and their coats are gorgeous. Since my change of […]

  • Klen Zer does the job

    Thank you for letting me try System Klen-zer it was brilliant, he was slowly putting on weight and after two day on this I saw a belly forming and he is really feeling better.  I was boiling the water and mixing it and when it cooled I then mixed it with his speedibeet and left it over night. Hopefully […]

  • Detox for health

    We had a young pony come down with a serious sickness due to a virus, after moving out of the danger period with him, he was still weak and under the weather, when speaking with Denise I mentioned our terrible time and she suggested a detox for him, to allow toxins to be cleansed from […]

  • Herbs for their hooves

    Also just for trivial info I purchased Linseed oil and Rosehips in your shop for a mare who I had been planning to show at the Vic All Welsh in Jan 2010 and she had suddenly developed huge grass cracks in her two front hooves, I had been waiting for this mare to mature for […]

  • Herbs For Ponies

    My name is Song and my mum put me on Founder Care plus Alleviate. She says that I have improved tremendously since I have been eating these. I have even been seen trotting round my yard!  They are really yummy too – though I am not known to be very fussy with food. I just […]

On all orders for Victoria only under 20kg. Individual products 20kg+, an extra handling fee of $15 is charged per 20kg+ item. Interstate orders – we will contact you with postage cost.


Our unique herbal formulas are created by Herbalist Denise Farrugia. With over 10 years of experience Denise has refined her formulas and dried herbal blends to better suit today’s equine health concerns. Denise combines specific herbs together that enhance each other making them more effective; she takes the guess work out for the owner.

We use only the best quality herbs and we use no fillers in any of our blends.

We have over 15 different herbal blends available online and as Denise is a fully qualified herbalist she also specialises in Herbal Medicine that can assist health concerns you may have for your equine.

Supplements, Herbal Blends, Lotions, Creams for horses and ponies 100%  natural

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