Amazing products

Hi Denise,

I have finally got around to write a testimonial for your amazing products!

As you are aware, I contacted you for your Equivital product and since using it I have cut down on all the processed feeds to just one product. They look amazing and their coats are gorgeous. Since my change of diet, I have not had any colic at all

I then called out when my boy hurt his hock area on fencing and again you came to my rescue with your Heal n Cream.. Luckily there is no scar on his leg .. However when my mare degloved her rear leg to almost the bone and the poor vet was not in town to stitch, out came the Heal n Cream. We used this product for 4 months and now she just has a little scar. The vet was blown away at how well her leg has healed..

Again I called out for help when my boy’s coat was awful and your recommendation of Innerglow was provided.. All my herd have healthy silky coats

My next incident was the best… My old mare developed hayfever. Something I am still shocked by – a horse having hayfever! Again Denise to the rescue with her prescribed medicine.. Indi now has her hayfever under control

We are massive advocates of Walkenny Park Herbs and recommend everyone to give Denise a call. I certainly do and the service is amazing! If I was close by, I would be dropping gifts off regularly to show my appreciation

Kind Regards

Kell and her herd – Stokie, Berri, Indi, Storm, Izzi and Keg