Detox for health

We had a young pony come down with a serious sickness due to a virus, after moving out of the danger period with him, he was still weak and under the weather, when speaking with Denise I mentioned our terrible time and she suggested a detox for him, to allow toxins to be cleansed from his body and promptly sent us her Klen-zer herbal mix.

There was  definite improvement with the young pony, his energy picked up, and each day thereafter  on the blend for a week he was improving at a satisfactory rate. In all his coat returned to its normal gloss, his energy returned and his general overall well being was back to normal.  I appreciated Denise expertises when we were faced with this illness and can fully understand why de-toxing is important for our horses as it is for us humans.

We also used the Tranquil Assist with a very nervous mare, and can say as others have, this product really does work. This mare was always looking for things to happen just so she could have an excuse to play up, she settled and now we find she concentrates on the job at hand and with a more willing nature to comprehend her lessons.   ‘Bel-Air Park’